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Door Ironmongery

Door Ironmongery

Here at Ironmongery Warehouse, we stock an extensive range of door ironmongery including fittings, components and other devices that can aide in the opening, safety and overall quality of life of the door.

What is Door Ironmongery?

Door Ironmongery covers a wide variety of door fittings, components and devices which are seen in both commercial and domestic scenarios with slight variations. They can be used to add detail to an internal door, add safety features in a hospital or to protect a door from knocks and scrapes in heavy foot traffic areas.

Different doors need different types of ironmongery, for example a front door will need a handle, a letterplate and numerals, however an internal household door might use a door knob and a coat hook. In a commercial setting a door will have door closers, kick plates and pull / push handles.

Door Handles

Door handles are one of the most common components of door furniture. Used on nearly all doors in domestic and commercial applications.

Door handles come in all manner of shapes and sizes ensuring that it will fit any door within any building. The handle not only adds crucial functionality to the door but is also used to add a splash of colour and detail, coming in a range of shapes, designs, colours and finishes.

Door Knob

Door knobs can be found in place of a door handle, offering the same functionality in a slightly different manner. A knob can be used in a situation where the user has difficulty with the motion of using a door handle or it can be used entirely for stylistic purposes.

Different types of door knobs

Keyed entrance – A Keyed entry door knob has a lock and key mechanism on both sides. This adds privacy & security to the door. Because of this it means they can be used on front doors, patio doors, garage doors or any other external facing door.

Privacy – Privacy door knobs have a button or finger lock which works on one side. These can be used on bedroom, bathroom or office doors where they can be locked from the inside to give an extra layer of privacy to the occupants of the room.

Passage – A passage door knob doesn’t have any locking functionality but is simply used to open a door. These will commonly be seen when a room doesn’t need to be locked or kept private.

Dummy – Dummy knobs don’t contain any mechanical parts and are essential fake knobs that allow the door to be opened without the need to turn the knob. These are great to use on pantry doors or a closet where a door mechanism isn’t needed.

Door Closers

Door closers are a commonly found piece of Architectural Hardware used to automatically close a door after a few seconds of being opened, allowing the user to get through.

Typically, a door closer is used to enhance security and fire safety. This is done by automatically closing the door to contain a fire. Or hold the door open to allow for people to get through if needed.

Here at Ironmongery Warehouse, we supply a range of Door closers for internal and external use. From overhead closers to concealed door closers and gate closers, to name a few.


Hinges are an essential piece of door ironmongery found on nearly every door within a home, from internal doors to the entrance door(s) to the back gate.

The hinge allows the door to pivot on the edge ensuring for a smooth open & close operation.

What is a Door Ironmongery Set?

A Door Ironmongery set is a kit that contains all of the components to fit a new door. This can be for an internal bedroom door which contains hinges and a privacy knob set or a fire door for an office building that contains a door closer, pull handles, kick plates and a stronger set of hinges. This makes it much easier for the customer as they can simply purchase the kit as a whole and then install it to their door.

If you’re interested in purchasing an ironmongery set, please get in touch here (link to contact page) and we can tailor a set for your needs.

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