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Padlocks & Bars

Padlocks & Bars


A padlock is something most people will know of and even use, but the world of padlocks is much larger than you may think. They come in an array of sizes, styles, materials and with a slurry of handy features. There’s a padlock for everyone’s needs whether that is securing your beloved motorcycle / scooter, securing your shed, keeping your luggage safe when jet-setting or locking down your premises at the end of a busy day.

Here at Ironmongery Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of padlocks from some of the most well-known brands including Yale, Era, Squire, Abus and many more all available for next day shipping.

What are the components of a padlock?


The shackle is the part that secures the padlock to the thing you’re keeping secured. It is often a U- shaped piece of metal or a cylindrical piece of metal that slides over and locks. On some padlocks the shackle rotates and some it can be completely removed to help in getting the padlock secure.


The padlock body is where each of the components attach to, or fit into. The body can be made out of different materials depending on the needs of the lock. A marine padlock will need to have an element of protection against water, a high security padlock will nee dot be made out of the strongest metals to give the most protection.

Some padlocks have interchangeable cylinders, and can be purchased without the lock installed. This can make it easier to set the padlock up as keyed alike or keyed to differ.

Locking mechanism

Depending on where the padlock is going to be used, and who it will be used by you can consider different ways of securing the padlock via the locking mechanism. For a traditional brass padlock to secure your shed you can opt for a simple cylinder locking padlock, the lock can then be coded to use the same key as your backdoor. If you’re using a padlock to keep your luggage safe when travelling you can opt for a combination locking padlock. The code can then be easily shared with family members.

Padlock wholesale

At Ironmongery Warehouse we have over 1200 padlocks available for next day shipping (subject to stock) with bulk availability on selected lines. For bulk orders please get in touch before placing your order to discuss your options via our telephone 01384 254015, by E-mailing us on info@ironmongerywarehouse.co.uk or using our Contact Us page.

What type of padlock is most secure?

When picking out a padlock you’ll need to factor in a few things. What are you securing? Where will it be secured? Will you need any accessories?

Once you have the answer to those you can start thinking about material, if it’s going to be kept outside, you’ll want to opt for something made from a metal that won’t rust and in-turn reduce its effectiveness.

You can then decide if you want an open shackle, closed shackle or sliding shackle. Depending on how much clearance you have you can either size up or go for an open shackle which will have a little more leeway than a closed or sliding shackle. A closed shackle will offer more protection than an open shackle to attacks that are targeted towards the shackle itself.

Most of the time you’ll also need some additional components for the lock to secure itself to. If you’re going to be using the padlock on a shed you may need a hasp & staple, choosing one where the shackle will be able to fit through by comparing measurements. If you’re going to secure your motorbike then you’ll want a heavy-duty chain and even a ground anchor, Squire has some of the industry leading padlocks (such as the SS100 open shackle - L30802 and the SS100 closed shackle - L30803) and chains for protecting motorcycles.

Are key or combination padlocks better?

This will depend entirely on who will be using the padlock. If you’re going to be using a padlock for a locker you can opt for a combination lock, this will ensure users don’t have the ability to use a key. A copy of the code will need to be kept in case the user does forget their code though.

Key padlocks tend to be more readily available and have more options to choose from. If you’re securing a shed then it might be a better idea to go for a higher security key locking padlock, which can then be keyed alike to match your back door so you’ll only ever need the one key.

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