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Door Closer

Door Closer

Door Closer from Ironmongery Warehouse

A door closer is a device that is used to automatically close a door after it has opened, usually after a few seconds to give the person opening it some time to go through. The closing speed of the door is often reduced to prevent the door from slamming shut.

They are typically used to enhance security and fire safety, with the doors automatically closing to help to contain a fire if one should occur. They can also be used to prevent draughts and keep a room warmer as a result.

Here at Ironmongery Warehouse, we supply a wide range of door closers, including concealed, floor, gate and overhead closers.


Overhead closers are the most common type of this important door hardware They are commonly used on internal doors and are surface mounted as they are the most cost-effective and quickest to install.

The door closer is fitted to the frame behind the door, next to the hinge. The arm of the closer retracts to a closed configuration as the door closes.

As well as the standard, double-lever arm, there are different types of arms available for this type of door closer including the hold open arm, a dedicated parallel arm which instead of projecting outwards when the door is closed, lays parallel to the door.

There is also a stop arm which prevents the door from opening too far and hitting a wall, window or other obstacle when it is opened.


A door closer that is fixed to the floor has a range of benefits. It is much more aesthetically pleasing for people walking through, looking less unsightly than other door closers.

They are particularly useful for doors made of certain types of materials, such as glass where attaching the closer to the door itself isn't possible, yet a door closer should be used to ensure the glass door closes smoothly and doesn't bang shut, which could risk damage to the glass and even the door to shatter.

Concealed Door Closers

A concealed closer provide the functionality of an overhead one but are fitted within the door leaf and frame, this again means the closer is less visible whilst still maintaining the functionality.

These type of closers are ideally used on internal 30-minute fire doors, to ensure they remain closed after use.

Gate Closers

A gate closer is suitable for an exterior gate, suitable for commercial gates to wooden or wrought iron gates. They are ideal for when your gate is exposed to the elements such as the wind, which can cause the gate to blow shut, potentially causing damage. Meanwhile a gate closer will ensure the gate closes at a safe speed to prevent this.


Here at Ironmongery Warehouse, we supply a wide range of accessories for your door closers to ensure that they work for years to come. These include hold open conversion kits, allowing your door closer to also keep the door open, for example if it needs to be held open during certain times of the day where there is heavier footfall but kept closed at other times.

Choosing a Door Closer

When choosing the right door closer, there is a number of things which should be taken into consideration.

Where is the door located?

Is the door inside the building or outside, does it open in or outward. Door closers are often compatible with internal doors only and an angle bracket will need to be purchased to open it externally. Some door closers are also made of materials which are prone to rust if left exposed for too long so this should also be taken into consideration.

Size of the door and door frame

Measure the width and height of the door and door frame as heaver doors will require a closer with a larger power size. Meanwhile a narrow door frame may mean a concealed door closer is required. The door closer size will also need to be considered in relation to this.

Usage of the door

If the door is in constant use, then you may need a closer with a higher performance category to ensure that it works for as long as possible.

If the door closer is needed for a fire door, you will also need to ensure that it is Fire tested to the agreed certificate level required to match your door. For example, if your fire door needs to stay closed for one hour in a fire but your door closer comes with a 30 minute fire certificate then it may not do the job you need it to.

Do you need delayed action?

A delayed action closer stops the door from closing immediately afterwards which may also be a requirement, depending on the people using the door. For example if large groups of people, or perhaps people in wheelchairs or elderly with trolleys or bulky objects go through the door then it may need to have a delayed action so it doesn't hit them and cause injury.

Do you need adjustable closing speed or latching action?

If your door has a door latch or lock, then a latch or snap action will be a requirement. This ensures the door moves faster during the last few degrees of closing, to overcome the mechanical resistance of the latch.

Why choose us?

When you order from Ironmongery Warehouse, you are making a choice which is sure to increase safety and security for your clients. Our products come from the leading brands including Briton, Aec, Union and Dormakaba. Many of our products also have manufacturer guarantees, with some up to 10 years. Our products are also available at affordable prices with great discounts for those looking to buy in bulk.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us as our friendly team will be able to help you. Our team has over 30 years combined experienced in the architectural ironmongery industry so we have plenty of knowledge, experience and expertise to help you to find the correct parts and accessories. You can reach us by visiting our contact page, calling 01384 254015 or emailing us.

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